Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Denver Eats: Quiero Arepas

I have a new obsession. And its called arepas. For the past couple of years I've seen the Quiero Arepas Truck a few places around Denver but it wasnt until two weeks ago at the Pearl Street Farmers Market that I actually decided to sample the goods. I then proceeded to go 3 times in 4 days.And then an additional two times this past week. For those who dont know, Arepas are a type of Venezuelan sandwich that is made using a home made grilled corn based flat bread that is out of this world. Everything on their menu is gluteon free and fresh and the service is amazing! Check out what I ordered below.

Reina Pepiada: An amazing take on chicken salad. Delicious rotisserie chicken mixed with avocado and light mayo and their signature avocado citrus dressing (it comes standard on all areapas). My favorite thing on the menu, hands down.
La Orginal: A mix of black beans, sweet plantains and avocado (pictured above). Black beans arent my fav but the plantains were the best ive ever tasted. 
La Queso: A mix of avocado, sweet plantains, and big huge slices of fresh mozzarella and shredded american cheese. Super refreshing and amazing when topped with cholula. The mozzerlla chunks are big enough that they stay nice and cold (as fresh motz should always be) even on top of the tasty sweet roasted plantains.
Refescos: A drink made of fresh squeezed guava, passion fruit, and orange juices (pictured above). They call it "heaven on your lips" and they arent lying. Its refreshing without being overly sweet or tart, tastes wholly natural and is served in a tall glass over lots of crushed ice.

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