Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Belen!

Verdi and Vivaldi's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my bestie, Belen! May your expression always resemble the felines above. You are fabulous and I dont know what I'd do without you! Wish I could be there to celebrate. This is all Emilys fault. XOXO!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Tonight I am off to Texas to celebrate my best friends engagement in Austin. I am so insanely excited to celebrate with this crazy couple and see all my best friends from home. On the agenda: Mexican beer, BBQ, Oysters,cheese, tacos, barton springs, insanity. Yes Yes Y'all!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

USA Travel Wishlist.

Santa Barbra

Lake Tahoe



Sand Point, Idaho.

Last week I went on a grouper with my friends Ashley and Erica and we all got to talking about travel (so sophisticated). While everyone had big travel goals like Africa and Paris, I decided to ask everyone what topped their travel wishlist in the continental United States. I've had my top five planned for awhile. Santa Barbra goes without saying. As far as I'm concerned, It looks like Heaven on Earth. My love of mountains next to big fresh water lakes prompted my desire to venture to Lake Tahoe and Sand Point where as my love for quaint and rustic beachy towns fueled my pics of Nantucket and Charleston.  One of my goals on my 101 in 1001 list is to visit at least two of these little gems. Whats are your top picks?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Liz Gifs

When I think about spring break in Mexico.

When I see girls wearing knock off purses

After a night out at wicked garden.

8 Things That Don't Make Sense About "The Purge"
When I see girls wearing platform tennis shoes.

8 Things That Don't Make Sense About "The Purge"
When I look down at the text I sent at 2:02 am.

When my boss asks how my weekend was.

When my ex says he misses me

When someone tries to talk to me about their children.

When I realize that I havent had sheets on my bed for 3 days.

When I'm drinking at lunch and I see my boss walk into the same restaurant

When I see my friends are slamming vodka shots at 9:00pm

When I find out a guy has a masters degree.

Whenever my Aunt "likes" my pictures on facebook

When someone tells me they dont want to do bottomless mimosas.

When my boss tries to tell me that I need to be at my desk more.

When I got a random roomate in college.

When I see girls my age still dress like sluts on halloween.

Trying to be seductive after a night of drinking.

When my friends miss the pre game and meet me at the bar.

After accepting a free drink from a stranger at the bar.

When my mom tells me she doesnt know how to copy and paste.

When I see people post their daily adgenda on facebok. EX: "Up at 6:00, ate healthy breakfast, squezed in quick work now, now gridning it out at work. Off at 3:20 PM Sharp for dinner with my babe and then some much needed girls time. LOVE life ;). TGIF!!!!" The above quote was based on true events.

When someone tells me they want to get married on a beach.

When someone orders a burger without cheese.

When I see someone breast feeding in public.

When my Dad asks how my job search is going.

When I see someone fall

When i see someone use their fingers to pick food off a plate.

When the doorbell at work rings when I'm trying to G Chat.

When someone suggests day drinking.

When I find out my friends made plans without me.

When I see that my co worker has left his dirty dishes in the sink.

my guy freinds (left) and the girl they take home after a night at ginn mill.

When I heard Kim Kardashian was knocked up.

When someone asks me what my biggest strength is.

When someone doesnt follow me back on instagram.

When my parents ask why im still single.

When someone doesnt want their 3rd margarita at Rio.

When i see that the people at mcdonalds at DIA accidently gave me a large fry instead of a small.

When the bread basket arrives.

When I wear a new outfit and no one complements me.

When the people at whataburger forget my cheese.

When I get a wallpost from a guy I think is cute.

The last 6 months.