Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Surprising Favorite Breakfast

juicy tomato and cream cheese on toast

I've never never been found of tomatoes. I think they are soggy, watery, over used, and often ruin a good sandwich. However, lately I have found myself strangely drawn to them. I still wont be ordering them on a burger or a turkey sandwich anytime soon but after hearing my friend Emily rave about a wonderful heirloom tomato that she had purchased at whole foods and ate seasoned and topped with Burrata I felt myself compelled to try one. Since buying one on Monday I have been semi addicted to the firm, yet sweet and flavorful fruit. The past few mornings I have enjoyed a thick slice of itm heavily seasoned with salt and pepper on top on an English muffin with a light smear of Burrata. Last night I even found myself cutting up a few slices and placing them on a plate and eating them with nothing more then olive oil, salt, pepper, and some sprinkling of basil leaves taken from my balcony garden. Considering its been over 100 degrees for the past few days, I've gladly welcomed this new item into my diet. I highly suggest you all hit up whole foods and take advantage of these tomatoes before the season ends!!

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